Bought an old ProLiant Workstation on eBay recently. Navigating through "Intelligent Provisioning" EFI utility, hitting TAB until I got this on the left bottom screen. Can't fall asleep. Afraid of nightmares.

Reaction to submission of a stack overflow in the PHP bugtracker

Thank you @LinkedIn for you suggestions. But I think I'll stay with offensive security...

As if no-wifi signs in hotel lobby were not enough. Now, you people are being in my face about it.

Soldering spots still hold, which I learned not to take for granted. Looks like the hardware setup is ready for hacker jeopardy.

Symbolbild Union-Politik vs. Grün.

Kohleraub geht um.
Er klaut das Gas und stiehlt das Licht,
raubt Strom und Kohle. Duldet's nicht!

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