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I can be passionate about friendship, sometimes i'm overemotional about feelings and even love but i'm mostly serene. I like spirituality, privacy, and writing in my blog about Linux and life in Spanish and English.
I love the creativity and classical music, I like to write novels but i don't finish what i begin.
I like philosophy, science, the cli, the planets, and psychology. I use XMPP but you will have to ask for it.
I like romantic psychological animes.

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I'm sad, astrology showed me that my ex is extremely similar to me, same elements composition, sames houses, sames constellations, many planets exactly the same. And now is pretty good friend of my boyfriend. And my boyfriend says that he is similar to me (he isn't aware about astrology btw, I the only one that knows)
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I actually abused of my mind for many years which made me to lost my natural foundation, in result my mind works like if I drunk alcohol but I managed to maintain my balance learning about my connection to earth. When you are missing something important you learn to value it, I miss the worldly life but maybe for that reason I'm learning to appreciate the little details in life. Yet, what is normal for me it's illogical for most people, like why I will commit suicide in the future, this have a deep sense and meaning for me.

I created a new instance, this is my first pleroma instance, follow me there pls: @daya

I moved my instance, now moved to, I will need to be followed again in @daya

A relative of mine died today, I feel bad for my family, I just assimilated it too easily but when I see them pretty sad of crying I feel like crying too.

My domain died, therefore I will be offline from internet except for maybe a couple of people. It's undefined but probably in two months I will have a resolution.

most of the people I follow here fits in one of these two categories, I think I can fit in both, it makes not sense for many people, but I think this can work for me.

I love this mastodon instance, ieji that mean the way to home, this instance is my home and it will always be despite that I'm self hosting another instance.

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@GatoOscuro me moví a gnusocial, pero no nos vamos a poder hablar hasta que haga servir el ActivityPub, y posiblemente no lo haga servir, para mi es emocionante experimentar un fediverso de puro pleroma.

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Tails, a live operating system relying on Tor that helps you to use the internet anonymously and circumvent censorship almost anywhere you go and on any computer, turns 10 today.

Happy birthday, Tails 🎂…/tor-…/2 #FOSS #opensource #surveillance #internetfreedom #privacy

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Ayer ví a una chica con carilla triste. A los dos segundos de cruzarnos susurré "mmm... que chica más mona". Lo justo para que me oyera pero pensara que no tenía que oirlo.

Detrás de mí venía un amigo (que me conoce como si me hubiera parido) y me dijo "no sé qué le has dicho pero sí, ha sonreído".

Y así, sin ningún tipo de coste, conseguimos que la gente sonría un poquito más y el mundo sea un poquito más alegre.

Ala, me piro 😘 se os quiere

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it's so hot i'm dying help :blobcatcry:

pls sun go away

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I felt terrible when people didn't follow me back in the past, now I think that I was being childish u.u
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