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I can be passionate about friendship, sometimes i'm overemotional about feelings and even love but i'm mostly serene. I like spirituality, privacy, and writing in my blog about Linux and life in Spanish and English.
I love the creativity and classical music, I like to write novels but i don't finish what i begin.
I like philosophy, science, the cli, the planets, and psychology. I use XMPP but you will have to ask for it.
I like romantic psychological animes.

I don't know why i had " I have a boyfriend" in my profile, maybe do i need to feel protected? anyway, there is not need for that.

Welp my twitter account got locked for 12 hours. Stupid fucking website

Ok so like, what are some cheap VPS hosting services that would be good to use for hosting a misskey instance?

a reason for not doing something should be the same reason to stop doing it.

Escribí sobre cibercrímenes y bancos, XMPP y Bitcoins, mi vida no fue fácil los meses pasados.

I wrote about cybercrimes and banks, XMPP and Bitcoins, my life was not easy the past months.

Va, hilando hilando y por saco dando. Un #supositoriosdelsaber

La peineta o el gesto de levantar el dedo corazón 🖕 aparece en la obra Las Nubes de Aristófanes. No vayáis de modernos que esto lo iventaron los griegos.

This is my tree of life, the Akhn tree of life, with Uranus and Neptune as Chokhmah and Binah. In my dreams, Uranus and the Empress are key symbols.

you can add me in xmpp: ,
i was thinking that in my instance all the user accounts should be inspired on Alice in wonderland and Gakuen Alice. My instance is not public btw.
Everything i name is inspired in bunnies and Easter, Alice fell down in a rabbit hole.

#tatenoyuushanonariagari queda este anime oficialmente como uno de mis fav uwu y justo este detalle es lo que impide al reino caer enteramente en malas manos y bajo el yugo de la religión

@hyphen my friend probably still has the xmpp history from that day where im telling him "IM GONNA BUY IT" and hes like "what the fuck youre crazy"

my dreams has been destroyed several times, so in the last time it was not a great deal for me.I lost what i most liked in my life but whatever. But I'm still the biggest dreamer.

i'm still a child in my heart, i will always see the world as it really is, beautiful. My childish nature is part of my own way of being, are asking me not to be myself? I like to share here my most ideal thoughts because they are important to me.

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