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I can be passionate about friendship, sometimes i'm overemotional about feelings and even love but i'm mostly serene. I like spirituality, privacy, and writing in my blog about Linux and life in Spanish and English.
I love the creativity and classical music, I like to write novels but i don't finish what i begin.
I like philosophy, science, the cli, the planets, and psychology. I use XMPP but you will have to ask for it.
I like romantic psychological animes.

I felt terrible when people didn't follow me back in the past, now I think that I was being childish u.u
at least gentoo is quite flexible and has basically all the tools for it.
Escribí sobre un script para escuchar estaciones de Shoutcast, Sathariel escribió el primer script:
I wrote in my pinkhat blog about a script for listening Shoutcast stations, Sathariel wrote the first script!

i created a new instance, the second in the week because i reinstalled everything in SSD. Follow me please: @daya

follow me in my instance!

my gnusocial instance is working, however performance is bad

Now this is my animelist:
I was inspired a lot this time and wrote a proper profile page.

I don't know why i had " I have a boyfriend" in my profile, maybe do i need to feel protected? anyway, there is not need for that.

Welp my twitter account got locked for 12 hours. Stupid fucking website

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