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Nosce te ipsum quotidie et mittit vinum novum in utres novos. vayadhammā saṅkhārā appamādena sampādethā"ti. Ayaṃ tathāgatassa pacchimā vācā

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i'm not flirting, i'm making friends, and i don't love you, i admire you and appreciate you. For me the friendship takes more effort than a love relationship, that's the reason I overreact with it. When I love someone I simply say them I love them and my intentions. I have a boyfriend but sometimes I just flirt for fun, it seems. Actually i'm too picky for falling in love.

Escribí un cántico sobre el amor, "El amor es libre" ; escribí mi propia crítica porque era necesaria , una autocrítica de lo que escribí:

It's been half a year since GitHub was acquired by Microsoft.

As a daily GH user, I haven't noticed it and I'm not worried about that changing. #byeByeBalmer

Escribí muchas cosas sobre el amor:
Sobre los que no creen en el, que es, sobre el sexo, etc...

mi frase favorita:
homo sum, humani a me nihil alienum puto.

La esta apoyando el proyecto , la version de la , 100% .
La campaña de para desarrollar este proyecto se encuentra en


- jSite
- Archivo 108x36 activelink.png que sirva para identificacion
- index.html

1. Viertase todo el contenido que quiere compartir en el archivo index.html
2. No olvide hacer referencia a activelink.png para ser agregado a los marcadores
3. Intente que la carpeta en donde se encuentra la web no pese mas de 2Mb, y no contenga + de 2 niveles (mejor aun si todo se queda en index.html)
Y por ultimo use jSite para subirlo a Freenet

¡A Disfrutar!

Me acabo de enterar que algunos estados de han introducido reformas a las leyes policiales:
- Inmunidad, incluso cuando ellos son agresores
- Uso de granadas de mano y pistolas de electroshock
- Permiso para detener a cualquiera hasta 45 dias
- Engrillamiento digital
- Registros sin permiso judicial
- Uso de Troyanos
- Disolucion unilateral de marchas
- Vigilancia digital ilimitada, etc
En la practica son las mismas reglas que se dieron en la antesala a la llegada de .

The new year celebration motivates me even more than Christmas and my birthday together.

I joined the fediverse one year ago , but half of 2018 i used Twitter.

I like wine, indeed i love the prickly pear wine. However, i seldom drink wine.

Merry Christ birthday, the following year we can celebrate the Buddha birthday as well.

Correction, I used to have 3 twitters, one in Spanish, one in English and the last one in Portuguese. My twitter in Portuguese still exists, but its completely abandoned.

i'm too lovely for logic people, i'm too logic for lovely people, and @koyu is a love.

I noticed that most programmers I've met here have this tendency of wanting to teach other people.

At the same time, I noticed they have this tendency of not wanting to be taught by anyone.

In the end most people learns alone through manuals/papers, and/or experimentation.

what i have learned about people, is that people is too sensible to talk about religions, even in an objective and sociological way. Like a phobia.

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