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I can be passionate about friendship, sometimes i'm overemotional about feelings and even love but i'm mostly serene. I like spirituality, privacy, and writing in my blog about Linux and life in Spanish and English.
I love the creativity and classical music, I like to write novels but i don't finish what i begin.
I like philosophy, science, the cli, the planets, and psychology. I use XMPP but you will have to ask for it.
I like romantic psychological animes.

Hearing coworkers talk about memes as if they were talking about TV shows is perturbing.

"Hey, did you see that meme last night about the guy who was stabbed?"
"Oh yeah, that was a funny meme, but I saw a funnier meme where somebody put a pan in his stomach as a protection"
"Ha, yeah, I saw that meme too."

I love the Citrus anime, in the beginning i loved it , then i hated it, in the end i guess is an anime i love based in my feelings.

my love preferences are males mostly, but that depends of my love frequency, when is higher i would be able to love any gender.

4 animes i cant stand and hate now:

• azumanga daioh
• gabriel dropout
• lucky star
• k-on

My love is motherly, this is the type of relationship where I can truly grow as a person.

Hoy no podía dormir, y me di cuenta que necesitaba algo que llamé "teoría especial del complejo de Edipo" en mi teoría del amor, en otras palabras, reformé la teoría de Freud a los términos de mi artículo y de falocentrista lo pasé a feminicentrista. Aunque es lo mismo.
Esto solventa el extraño nihilismo o asexualidad del artículo.

i was just thinking in painful memories and sharing with you my patch.

that toot is the patch of love bug #1, however there is not a patch for unrequited love. We can patch love with wisdom, however the nature of the life is instability. So its a function, not a bug. Love is life, and life is instability.

love is not blind, the blind is the love user, you have to learn how to love everyday, because loving someone is falling in love with a new person everyday, you know, people changes, in the end you will love even the things you hated.

when you realize that love is natural selection, well, that is not bad, after all we are imperfect beings and also our love is imperfect.

That's life.
What's life?
A magazine.
How much does it cost?
I only have a dollar.
That's life.

is millennial an insult? "you are such a millennial "

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