most of the people I follow here fits in one of these two categories, I think I can fit in both, it makes not sense for many people, but I think this can work for me.

This is my tree of life, the Akhn tree of life, with Uranus and Neptune as Chokhmah and Binah. In my dreams, Uranus and the Empress are key symbols.

i was darkphobic and my desktop themes were super sugar crush, but hey, a dark theme doesn't hurt my eyes.

when everything is hard, think in something nice, just a word will give you hope.

i said that i love love, but now i realize that in the beginning of my list says: Shoujo, Love, Lovers, Romantica, lol. its funny.

i think that i like boys and its very likely that i like girls with guns literally. Really, its weird but the violence makes them attractive.

I like wine, indeed i love the prickly pear wine. However, i seldom drink wine.

I'm watching Yagate Kimi ni Naru that is making my heart beat fast. I like this anime more than Citrus. I love this anime almost the same that Junjo Romantica (yaoi) . I think that Junjo Romantica and Yagate Kimi ni Naru are my favorite love animes.

I never expected to see too many releases of Ubuntu in my life. Fedora was nice with these names: Beefy Miracle, Spherical Cow, Schörodinger' Cat. Ubuntu has the same common sense that that Fedoras names.

Throughout in my life i express a lot my inner self, i love the expression and feelings. A part of me as sweet as miss Beezelbu. However, a more realistic perspective would be to identify myself with Utena.

I was playing Little Busters, and I was caught with the guard down. I didn't believe that a character can make you to feel something. She reminded me to one supposedly ex I had. A boy so dedicated and quiet. Conclusion: if my boyfriends were gender bendered, i still would love them.

it has happened to me, some said to me: I used to admire you, but now that i know you i think that you are pretty clumsy, oversweet, and silly, non serious. I like the couple in the "As Miss Beelzebu likes"

I started to watch the Beelzebu anime, im using Beelzebu as profile picture c: . The anime is promising, yaoi like in Junjo Romantica, fluffy things, and i like the main couple of the anime. But like all these kind of anime, im afraid of getting pretty upset later.

Rewrite is pretty related with me. i identify myself with Kagari and i'm studying the environment.

Please reject this so that I know that you're not actually my familiar. Valentine.

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