fediblock, threats of violence 

This person decided that it was a good idea to react to a post made in good faith pointing out the flaws of fediblock (but NOT criticizing it's core concepts) by telling me that they think I should not be alive.

I'm having a bad week so if you want to harass me because I said meany words then you should actively consider killing yourself


25% is still 75% less than the percentage of people named snow in this conversation who are diseased.


all bluesky instances when it is finally released. Twitter has no place on the fediverse.

if somebody starts spamming your users from this server, yell at me and ill give em the good ol' buttkick when i get an overview over the situation

People who create follow bots should be black-bagged in minecraft.

Block de domínio, citação explícita de heterocissexismo e racismo, cita nazismo 



As duas primeiras regras da instância. Eu traduzi aqui embaixo:

"Sem LGBTQ. Ponto. Sem homosexualidade. Sem homens que pensam que são mulheres ou mulheres que pensam que são homens. Sem gêneros inventados. Tanto pra usuários quanto pra conteúdo postado.

Sem miscigenação."

E uma das pessoas da equipe da instância (@Ricotta @...) usa a suástica nazista no nome de perfil.


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