Trump and his thugs are no different.

The parallels between Hitler's support base and Donald Trump's are plain to see.

Ambitious authoritarian movements must be annihilated if freedom is to be preserved.

Let's hope the law follows through and destroys any form of Trumpism.

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The storming of the capitol building reminds me of history, when on November 8th, 1923, Hitler and band of extremists attemped to take over the Bavarian government in Berlin.

14 people died and the attempt failed, Hitler was jailed then soon after released and the nazi party allowed to re form.

10 years later he won legally. Within a week he had murdered his opposition and the rest is history as we know,

It appears the Signal user base has expanded from 10 million to 50 million accounts in less than one month!

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I read elsewhere it may be a stack of WhatsApp losers migrating to signal.

Whatever is causing the down time I wish the Signal team legends the best and hope they get their service up and running again soon.

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Damn, the Signal network is down.

Possibly due to the massive influx of new users. I hope this isn't a result of Trump idiots moving to the platform.

If it is, another example of right wing fuck tards ruining a good thing.

I watched President Trumps latest video speech to the people today.

So much FAKE sentiment.

Apparently he was ganged up on and beaten in his youth and later returned to murder one of his attackers with an axe.

Is that really a crime though?

I really like the middle 1800s for the characters it produced, the amazing lives they led and the brutality that seemed to be the normal rural way of life.

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It's said he cut out the hearts of his victims.

I remember the nursery rhymes and stories as a kid.

I wonder if the stories are true or just a way to shit scare his enemies knowing Peppi was in the area.

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Peppi lived and died by sword and with a full head of hair.

Live fast, die young. be a beautiful corpse.

Who gives a shit what people think, but a dog that doesn't like you is devastating.

Once a jolly swag man went camping but forgot to bring a bong and didn't have any papers so couldn't smoke any of his his weed.

So he rolled it into a tight little ball and shoved it up asshole so won't you come a waltzing Matilda with me.

You don't own a horse.

You earn it's love and respect and treat it like the powerful and majestic creature it is.

Tony Montana: 

Say hello to my little friend!

The Godfather I II and III 

A fictitious story about the mafia featuring an actor who' s grandparents come from a Sicilian town where the taps are made of gold.

Growing up, I soon learned the cure for racism was to meet it with ultra violence.

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As the child of southern Italian immigrants living in a predominantly white-Anglo country, I can't say that I feel very "white privileged".

Extreme right winger: 

A person who believes in certainties.

Usually suffers some form of anxiety disorder.

Extreme left winger: 

A person who believes in certainties.

Usually suffers some form of anxiety disorder.


A marketing scheme designed to sell coffee mugs, T-Shirts, caps and sticker sets to people who suffer some form of anxiety disorder.

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