This is why ambitious authoritarian regimes do. If they can't control it, they wreck it

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I'm sitting here watching the BTC price fall like a stone, only to resist in the low 30s.

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Ok, so the Chinese communist party hates crypto

Is people starting a sentence with the word "WOW.." a thing now?

I'm totally Devo. My little mistress moved back to her home state yesterday.

What am I going to do? I suppose I now have the time to find another although its going to be hard to replace my little beauty,

She was one in a million. Sweet as honey and nice as spice I'm going to miss her.

Some people claim carrying 20 lbs of cash would be cumbersome on a jump.

In fact, you wouldn't even notice it. Jumpers often wear belts or vests with several kilogramms of lead. Some small girls wear up to 15kg of lead to help match the fall rate of heavier men.

military jumpers can carry up to 70kg of equipment.

20 lbs of cash would not be noticed.

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Every aspect of the hijack was easily survivable.

Jumpers are trained for water, cold, tree landings and malfunctions.

Jumpers carry knives. Cooper was seen cutting up the suspension lines of one the the parachutes using it to secure the money back to his person.

Who can say he wasn't wearing thermals under the business suit? Or carrying flotation gear.. or had a ground crew waiting for him?

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So the FBI claim Cooper my have dies from cold exposure in the forest, or possibly landed in a tree and remained hung up

Back in the early 70s jumpers used fore-and -aft gear. Firstly, if you land in a tree the jumper opens the belly mount reserve, drops the bundle to the ground, exits the harness and climbs down the lines.

Secondly, parachutes of the era were made of low porosity ripstop nylon. Wrapping yourself in parachute fabric is warmer than wearing a onesey.

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More D.B Cooper.

I can't believe the comments. Damn whuffos got no idea.

Sub-zero temps at exit altitudes is normal. Jumps from the 727-100 air stair at Freefall Convention are routine.

Landing in water no problem.. jumpers are trained for it.

Rackshaw had the skill, training, intelligence and knowledge to do the hijack.

Doesn't make him guilty but he could easily have done it.

I hope he did!

Facts say he was certainly capable of the hijack.

1. Experienced Pilot, knowledge of aircraft.

2. Special forces soldier, highly trained in evasion.

3. Experienced jumper.

4. Criminal versatility, serial law breaker.

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I don't know about the conspiracy to cover up rubbish.

More likely not enough evidence to charge and convict. At the time the FBI dismissed him as a suspect due to being to young to fit the description but eyewitness accounts are unreliable and its possible to disguise oneself as an older person.

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This story had me fascinated for decades. It is certainly possible to exit a 727 via the tail gate and an experienced jumper could do it.

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Was Rob Ricksahw really D.B Cooper?

"Rackstraw went on to fake his own death in 1978 by calling in a phony Mayday crash in California’s Monterey Bay. "

"Lying at the heart of Facebook’s abrupt ban on all Australian news is a global strategic gamble that will have a huge bearing not just on Mark Zuckerberg’s behemoth, but on the dynamic between Big Tech and democracy."

Facebook blocks Australian health and domestic violence assistance accounts as revenge for proposed media code.

I don't have a Facebook account. I don't get my news from social media.

Facebook has gone a shat on it's reputation by blocking women's health, domestic violence, vaccine information, Australian emergency service sites etc..

Facebook, you suck!

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Facebook attempts to bully Australia by blocking health and relevant Covid-19 information sites.

I totally disagree with this psychological analysis of Donald Trump.
Psychopaths do not suffer psychosis, nor do they act on emotional reasoning.

It is more likely somebody like Bill Clinton is a psychopath and as expected despite his moral depravity he was a competent leader and a likable person.Clinton's veneer was rock solid.

Trump is really a pathetic malignant narcissist, paranoid and irrational that acts out his malevolence and thousands died for it.

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