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Looking for reliable (ddos protected, daily backup) and fast (64x3,3GHz, 4x1tb nvme ssds, 128g ddr4 ram, 1 gbit conn) Nameservers in Germany?

And that for free, with dyndns and low TTL?

Then have a look here:

On registration, you'll be given a long password with which you can manage or delete the zonefile. Alternatively you can add a mail on registration to be able to have your zonepassword recovered.

Todo: A design, more flexible Zonemanagement and automated DNSSEC!

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I am paying good money for this instance for good service quality and I'll not let you plaster it with advertisement of shady websites, stop trying already.

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Wow the Blind Guardian Earbook is way bigger than anticipated, the size of a Vinyl LP, was guessing CD format!

Oops, mastodon and halcyon outdated, feels bad. Will update in the evening between now and monday 😯 .

Bin ja gespannt ob um 0 Uhr die restlichen Songs vom Blind Guardian Twilight Orchestra bei Spotify abspielbar werden, Earbook kommt morgen bis 23 Uhr:eichkat3r_hot:

Wieso versendet man noch mit DPD. WIESO. Um 50 Cent gegenüber DHL zu sparen? Fuck. Natürlich hieß es am Ende vom Tag: "Leider konnte ich das Paket nicht zustellen, ich komme noch mal." Only @ DPD.

It must be extremely noticeable only releasing on Epic Games, I wonder if the compensation for doing so is even close to lost reach, even if the cuts are worse.

Surviving the Aftermath, cool game, on Epic Store + XBOX Live, aka nothing for me, thanks gabeN.

I was recommended the Katana Zero Soundtrack after listening to Irving Force. The soundtrack is so good that I was expecting some big game, yet it is a small little indie game. I believe most of the cost went into the soundtrack production, or that the games purpose is to advertise the soundtrack somehow.

loving the crackwatch people ranting over online only for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. While this is to some degree awful, the singleplayer campaign is at max 7 hours long(took me that long on max difficulty at least), 95% of the fun comes from multiplayer content. So I can understand that decision when in exchange it is harder to pirate for a while, also apparently you can go into offline mode to play sp, too lazy to factcheck that. Nowadays you have internet in the deepest jungle of colombia.

I renamed to /it/uk/us to be tld server independant and more rememberable than before. How do I build trust for people to give it a try? This service will run for free and untampered for at least some decades. Free services for such important tasks sure are scary in a profit driven society.

Imagine making a reskin of Discord and naming it Teamspeak 5 :eichk4tchu:

Decided to push the game Sub Rosa a bit, have been 5 years since I last checked it and it evolved quite a bit. Started 10 servers for the EU community as all I saw so far were NA/SA servers. Called it "" which is german word to word translation for Sub Rosa.:eichk4tchu:

2.2 GHz cloudservers are convenient since most 5000 core cpus have 2.* GHz but it doesn't seem modern anymore when responsiveness is everything and more and more actively running processes are dependant on high clock speeds. Just checked hostnet and well its another 2.* GHz candidate like DO and I can't even see a way to install something else than FreeBSD. Not really flexible cloudhosting and for the offered cpus it's too expensive.

Nitter crashing became somewhat frequent, so I made a watch script which restarts nitter within 10 seconds once it crashed...

I do get that 89% of *triggered* videos and tweets are originating from the US and all, and I have no idea why that is, but this "no single moviegoers"-policy is a tad too much, isn't it? I'm not mentally ill or easy to "trigger", but I don't really see how depicting a tough time in a movie could spark something really bad. Worse types of real miseries can be seen on tv almost every other day.

So I've set up api calls and bootstrap scripts for several gameservers to cloud services like vultr and upcloud (digitalocean with their shithole 0,2ghz cores(dramatized) sucks for that purpose). Now I need a proper website, will set up later. Got to keep track of timing and payment with it. Hope this endeavour won't fall under their cryptocurrency maxing out cpu is forbidden rule.

Just had a hosting idea. Setting up and deleting gameservers in the cloud automaticly, so people hosting events/clanmatches/training in multiplayer games on specific time could rent just 4 hours a day or so, so you end up paying a dollar or two to host an event server.

oh nice caddy webserver is going full throttle open source including current enterprise subscription features. and said subscription will be gone aka free for commercial use. that'll open some doors. Aka im renting a cloudserver and giving it a try.

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