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Looking for reliable (ddos protected, daily backup) and fast (64x3,3GHz, 4x1tb nvme ssds, 128g ddr4 ram, 1 gbit conn) Nameservers in Germany?

And that for free, with dyndns and low TTL?

Then have a look here:

On registration, you'll be given a long password with which you can manage or delete the zonefile. Alternatively you can add a mail on registration to be able to have your zonepassword recovered.

Todo: A design, more flexible Zonemanagement and automated DNSSEC!

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I am paying good money for this instance for good service quality and I'll not let you plaster it with advertisement of shady websites, stop trying already.

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aallllriiiiightt time for purge day again looking at all the escort advertisement and phone repair accounts following me

Mein Bruder hat so half-baked cookies gebacken, Riesenteile mit Stück +-600cal. Nach 'nem halben Keks denk ich mir schon "ah okay, hast heut Abend erst wieder Hunger". Ich taufe die Kekse entsprechend Lembaskekse.

durch irgend nen subreddit auf scuttlebutt gekommen und schon ist am start

whats the difference between ipv4 and ipv6 exhaustion when a single server gets like a billion ipv6 addresses 👀

Still sad that I got a no no from my new provider to host public dns with rate limiting making it unviable for amplification attacks and yet I get udp timeouts once a week killing teamspeak connections. Great NOC there people.

Came to the conclusion to put the second backup of my music collection onto my server, using navidrome to make these playable. Can recommend it. Had no wv format support yet. Dev fixed it within hours 10/10.

Wenn ich mir mal Klopapier holen will und es wieder ausverkauft ist weil die Infektionsszahlen wieder gestiegen sind, frage ich mich was für fucking Schafe wir doch sind.

Veganes Hack schmeckt okay, den Kompromiss gehe ich allein schon wegen dem fehlenden Knorpel und Schabfleisch gerne ein, aber vegane Schokolade (Chocjes getestet) auf gar keinen Fall. Es schmilzt halt einfach nicht und nachm zerkauen hat man defakto Haferbrei mit Schokopulver verfeinert im Mund. Großes nope von mir.

Any idea what else I could put onto now that I've got the dns red card from my provider?

The experience I made with running unbound with freebsd kinda makes me want to reinstall all servers that do not need docker to freebsd. Way less clutter and moving things on freebsd.

Meh, "our technical staff doesn't want you to answer to foreign dns requests as unauthorative server" wow cool. dead again. thanks. ThEy CaN aBuSe ThE dNs SeRvEr WiTh 10kb/s TuRn It Of. I made very strict ratelimit on 53. >:|

Wenn ich mir die Link Spam Registrierungen so angucke muss 'nen Pagerank von 9001 haben.

Does anyone know how to add a /48 ipv6 subnet to proxmox? The software seems to hate me. fails to route. cidr 2a02:bcc0:22::3/48 gw 2a02:bcc0:22::1 simply not working. Feels bad. I want to add ipv6 support again. looks like I've started the dns service just in time. Compiled it with the DOH version, now works ;)

started , public dns server. Provider has filters in place and I have set rate limits.

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sysad life, lifehack 

When it became clear in March that all our team, including the sysads, would move into home office, I build an "environmental monitoring system" (ahem) for our serverroom. It's been in use ever since.
#SysadminLife #Lifehack

Feeling kinda bad now. Heavily used IPv6 on last server, now using /26 ipv4 net as my current provider filter only efficiently works on ipv4. But my ipv6 sage hurricane electric shirt just arrived :schmusekadser:

Kleiner Bonus beim neuen Anbieter: Durchschnittlich binnen 2h bekomme ich eine fachliche, kompetente und respektvolle Antwort auf auftretende Fragen (zuletzt wegen reinstall, haben pxe installer menü, welches ich hier mal anhänge) und die Server laufen mit 100% grünem Strom.

Okay almost everything moved over after only a month of Strato, don't ask me what made me pick that shitshow. Now I've heavily isolated most of the services via kvm vms. And still 20 ips in backhand.

I just noticed that you can ruin someones iPhone by issuing an invalid mailcert. It keeps popping up an invalid cert message basicly every 5 seconds non stop. Please mailcow acme start doing your thing already!

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