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Looking for reliable (ddos protected, daily backup) and fast (64x3,3GHz, 4x1tb nvme ssds, 128g ddr4 ram, 1 gbit conn) Nameservers in Germany?

And that for free, with dyndns and low TTL?

Then have a look here:

On registration, you'll be given a long password with which you can manage or delete the zonefile. Alternatively you can add a mail on registration to be able to have your zonepassword recovered.

Todo: A design, more flexible Zonemanagement and automated DNSSEC!

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I am paying good money for this instance for good service quality and I'll not let you plaster it with advertisement of shady websites, stop trying already.

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Jesus, been busy doing a server move and tons of spam users register, thanks for that. Also I've sinned with trying out a windows server for gameservers. After sigred happened I instantly turned back to linux. Currently in bed, will do a banwave of spammers tomorrow!

I just made a game subscription search engine here:

Some major players are missing because they use really dumb displaying methods of their games and have no api.

I followed some pc setup contests and stuff and wtf what is it with the trend of these iffy little keyboards, I was insanely mad when I accidently bought a "compact" keyboard once, now it seems to be the standard 🤔

Ich hab hier gerade einen Gameserverhost entdeckt der für einige Spiele server hostet. Dieser bietet ein "Premium Gamer" Paket an, wo man für 4 Schleifen im Monat auf deren Servern bei Spielen wie CSGO 20k$, 5 HE Granaten, Rüstung und eine AK bei jedem Rundenstart bekommt. Dazu unendlich viel Munition, kein Fallschaden UVM. Was für ein Dreck, wer spielt auf solchen Servern freiwillig wo Leute die 4€ bei denen lassen quasi geduldete Cheater sind?

I just got the Casshern Soundtrack in CD quality from deezer. I've set my IP to a japanese one and downloaded it as flac with premium. Still less expensive than getting that cd for 60-100 bucks to rip it myself.

I was asking for an api to check for current stadia pro games for a project im working on, got the response to just check the website, responded with a json file i found on the stadia page which displays the current pro games and got a response "please don't use third party links for that". Okay? I should really not discuss technical stuff over twitter dms.

So I got Stadia just for the sake of it and I got Shadow PC as a regular gaming thing. And theres my *Gaming* Laptop which throttles like crazy. Playing ESO currently. ShadowPC: 80-100fps(100 seems to be max, haven't seen it go above that even one frame) on max settings, Laptop: 10(throttle), otherwise 40-60fps on medium settings. Stadia: 30fps on medium-high~ settings. What? :D

es ist aktuell wieder absolut nachteilhaft im erdgeschoss das fenster aufzumachen

Okay wow.

If you noticed weird domain name resolving on my domains:

I've changed a glue record to the main nameserver over at INWX.

But I forgot that they want you to push a domain update so that the glue record actually gets changed...

Every other domain provider I use for the other nameserver domains just does an update when I press SAVE.

Enjoy the flawless instant name resolving now.

okay sich über die master/slave geschichte aufzuregen verstehe ich, ist auch schon eine lange Debatte. Aber black-/whitelist keinenfalls, da sehe ich keinen rassistischen Hintergrund, mehr im Yin und Yang Prinzip von Gut und Böse.

Lmao, gerade mal gedacht "Du lädst dir mal L.E.D. Wars runter," GOG hat es nicht also bei abandonware seiten geguckt. . Tolle Seite. Aber 5KB/s free download ist doch etwas hart. Andererseits wenn die meisten Spiele <80MB groß sind, wie will man da deren "premium speed" vermarkten wenn die Sachen im free Modus schon in wenigen Minuten laden. Nun lad ich eine Stunde an dem 19MB großen Spiel rum.

I was going mad about the fact that between 20-24 the cloudpc connection is going to hell. Checked via my speedtest at to find out its my provider gg.

got a spare hellblade senuas sacrifice key, anyone want it? (probably EU locked who knows)

Audials is a compilation of dumb ass things. Normally I don't give a damn about a 3,50 payment and just take these as teaching fees but this ones getting refunded, the programs are SO bad. Core functions are really wonky.

Neues Bild der Kategorie wieso ich hcaptcha mies finde.

Lol ich sehe gerade bei dem Mobilfunkanbieter Blau kann man eine Vertragskündigung vormerken, bekommt dann 10 Tage Zeit eine Nummer von denen anzurufen und die Kündigung zu bestätigen, tut man dies nicht, widerruft man die Kündigung.🤔

Ist schon chic was dbpoweramp einem da an Info mit reinhaut.

I've ripped 75 CDs so far and no problem with the ASUS cd drive or dbpoweramp. Looks well made, even the way it speeds down looks like it's trying to conserve the cd drives mechanical parts.

Got myself dbpoweramp to do a rerun through my collection (~250 cds) and save these with flac+metadata and a less error prone cd drive from asus. My last unbranded one acted weird lately. Makes only little sense to waste so much space saving as wav.

8 Songs missing from the Django Unchained Soundtrack on any streaming services aka the reason why I keep my favorite soundtracks on physical discs + rip them instead.

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