I'd love a basic feature phones that offers:

- no Social Media
- no Email
- alarm clock
- calendar and contacts (sync?)

nice to have list: basic browser to find out phone numbers, Signal, Telegram, train connections, torch, mp3 player

Should not have:

– short battery life (less than a day)
– social media stuff (please without twitter built in)
– a too high price tag

Any suggestions? I don't really need a smartphone and I get annoyed by the need to constantly recharge.

I'd <3 a retoot


@DC7IA 😅 I guess I would recommend a used device running LineageOS 🤷‍♂️

Battery life depends on the model of course, but any old phone with a fresh battery should work just as fine as a new phone 🤷‍♂️

And if you do not want any Social Media stuff, than LineageOS is probably the essayist way to get an "Android" without unnecessary preinstalled social Media apps.


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