It looks like the maintainer of the base64 #Rust crate broke all code using the rust-bitcoin #Bitcoin Core RPC client to run on #Debian.

Trivial crates like base64 have a single job: don't change.


@stevenroose 👏 :classiclol: I saw this coming yesterday when I noticed bitwarden_rs had multiple versions of base64 in its dependency tree

how hard is it to make a base64 library people?

The base64 crate "requires Rust v1.31 or higher". WTF. How can one not have base64 code that works on all #Rust versions...

@feld @stevenroose Also comparing to Go… how can a language not have base64 in their standard library?
@lanodan @stevenroose @feld Because they want a "minimal" standard library to focus on what really matters and because its a lightweight embedded language :) Thats why rand isnt there either
@caseyp @lanodan @stevenroose don't try to convince me Rust is lightweight. It's almost 700MB

@feld @stevenroose @caseyp @lanodan

lightweight can mean a variety different things

- not introducing unnecessary overhead at runtime [x]

- having a minimal standard library so if something turns out to have been a bad idea ten years from now, there'll be no burden of maintenance [x]

- having a compiler that fits on a floppy disk [ ]

- having software run fast because the compiler was smart and complex enough to make optimizations on high-level code [x]

i checked those that apply to rust.

I see a lot of hate, but no real arguments against the language.. I'm confused. I've been using Rust full time for work in the last year and it's been a blast. Very much enjoying it and never have much trouble except for the occasional moron crate maintainer that makes a breaking change in a minor version update so we have to solve the mess.
@caseyp @feld @lanodan

@stevenroose @zalandocalrissian @caseyp @feld
Problem is: Rust is a one-implementation language, so if the implementation sucks (even from a non-programmer point of view) the language sucks with it.

There is a second compiler written in C++, but IIRC it only supports versions of Rust up to 1.22.
@feld @zalandocalrissian @caseyp

Also there is no reason to provide "arguments". I have explained many times to many people the issues with Rust in other places and irl. This has not been a thread about convincing anyone about anything, so there is no need for "arguments". Its a thread entirely unrelated to that venture.
@lanodan @feld @zalandocalrissian

I wasn't talking about this thread specifically. Just in general. I've been noticing negative opinions on Rust but I don't really understand why.
@feld @zalandocalrissian @lanodan

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