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Alright CSP header also set now, here we go observatory A+ rating👌

Using as a SOCKS proxy, you can run ZeroNet without the access to onion services, but some "mysterious" .onion peers will show up in the /Stats page.

Hey NoFish you designed the ZeroNet protocol but you didn't even recall how PeerExchange packets work.

In conclusion, "ZeroNet + I2P is a better fit than ZeroNet + Tor. There is nothing that stops ZeroNet from being a network running on top of all three networks." --ZeroNet user LucifersNeighbor

"I2P" is missing from the ZeroNet 2018 Roadmap. According to the previous conversations I had with Tamas, he said I2P was "problematic" in two ways:

1. It is slow.
2. It has few exit nodes. People running I2P alone do not have access to "clear net" peers.

I totally know why Tamas said these, and I'd like to offer an opposite point.

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issue tracker - "Also," I got some crazy ideas. "Please" read, "thanks."

This user mainly concerns about installation, connection, login, file versioning, badge and other ideas. He has a smaller "want," but never forgets to say "Thanks."

My Pastry implementation is almost done. In the next few days, I will be designing and optimizing the public API.

On the side, the state of DHT does not look good. I sent a message to Kosis, teaching him DHT routing and Pastry. The next day he said he didn't fully get what a DHT was for.

"Just use a libp2p!" one may ask. Since we'll be using DHT over Tor and I2P, I strongly recommend the dev use a DHT *algorithm*, not an existing *library*.

Discussions to

Pastry implementation tips:

- Routing Table is a prefix tree.
- Leaf Set is a tree set.
- Make RoutingTable.route a generator.
- Write down example client code on a piece of paper before implementing the data structure.

Implementing a DHT for your computer program? Try Pastry, a simplistic DHT algorithm. Advantages:

- No partitioning. The Routing Table allows you to get very far, while the Leaf Set allows you to stay very close.
- Simple math. All you need to know is str.startswith and A xor B.
- It’s sexy. Prefix tree, tree map, recursion, tail call, generators… Pastry will revive your passion of computer science.

FYI, a method to exchange IPv6 addresses via PEX has been implemented in the unofficial zerolib, but the reference implementation may crash when handling such PEX responses.

We finally [unofficially] got I2P address support in the ZeroNet protocol! 😆 (zerolib is a work-in-progress ZeroNet protocol library)

1. Pick random words off Tahoe-LAFS glossary.
2. Open the issue tracker.
3. Title: I want that stuff <insert random jargon here>
4. Description: I have no idea how to implement that fancy shit.
5. Edit: I have a terribly unsound idea, so you should be able to do it devs!

"I clicked. It failed. It produced bug. Please help!😂 "

Dev: 😅 I just can't.

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