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Code of Conduct:
ieji.de is availabe via Tor. That doesn't make this instance free of rules.

- harass people in any way, constructive and founded critisism is ok
- spam at others, especially on other instances
- spread explicit pictures, especially not of minors
- spread copyrighted material
- break german law (no nazis or extremists allowed)
- use the account mainly to publish porn or spam
- post erotic content(no hardcore porn depictions allowed) without content warning

Bots are fine, if they are useful, like newsbots. Bots which just spam urls to weird websites are not allowed!

If you are an instance admin and run into a problem, be it technical or an abusive user, please reach out to me. Via mastodon account or mail displayed in the contact box. You don't need to do stuff like whitelisting. That literally ruins the federation purpose. And if, don't force your federated instances to abide your rules.

Basicly, act accordingly to german freedom of speech rules or prepare to get warned/banned.

Impressum(german imprint)

Further infos:
USE VIA TOR NETWORK AT iejidevtqqdlukju.onion for extra anonymity (accept ssl cert)
SECURE multiple A+ TLS ratings (TLS OBS QUA) plus a bitninja security software
STABLE financially backed, won't go down in a week like some do
LIBERAL based in Germany, Falkenstein, Hetzner and uses Core Networks DNS and Rapid SSL Certs
NO LOGS nginx and mastodon are not saving any logs, early adopter of wirspeichernnicht.de
KNOW YOUR HOST german legit Impressum (imprint) with many ways to contact
FOSS LOVERS we support a variety of open source software with mirror space
RECENT this instance is updated after 3 days of a new stable release
CENSORFREE no censoring is happening as long as you follow german rules and don’t abuse the infrastructure, also: whitelisting or blacklisting any instance, I guarantee, is not happening and will never be
1. AMD Ryzen 1700X, 128GB DDR4-2133 RAM, 2x 500GB SSDs RAID1 etchi.de ElasticSearch
2. AMD Ryzen 1700X, 128GB DDR4-2133 RAM, 2x 500GB SSDs RAID1 Ieji.de
3. Intel E3-1271 v3 32GB DDR3 RAM, 2x 2TB HDD RAID1 s3rv3r.de Backups & Minio Storage
What ieji does next to mastodon:

One hidden service server in germany is being run by us, to be able to reach us via onion

2 open source projects are supported by us:
Palemoon Browser
(if you know cool software that would need a good mirror, write me here)