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Humanity have decided the convenience afforded by automobiles is worth the million deaths each year. Certainly building more nuclear fission plants now to avoid recurring disasters is a much better deal.

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Scott Mabin will be joining Espressif full time to work on Rust support for all of Espressif's chips, past, present and future! https://mabez.dev/blog/posts/esp-rust-espressif/

may be more well known as an actor, but creates great plot twists as a writer archive.org/details/bm_1920_08

Would it be easier to build Rust for less common CPU or MCU architecture now that there's a compiler making use of gcc?

Speech recognition kit Vosk has supported quick reconfiguration of the vocabulary at runtime, so the pronunciation or audio quality doesn't need to be perfect as the program will try to match the word with the most similar sound in the given list. This makes Vosk suitable for building anything that accepts voice commands.

Rust binding github.com/wzhd/vosk-rs just updated this feature to support a phrase list instead of a word list . (Based on upstream commit: github.com/alphacep/vosk-api/c)

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Voice recognition with Rust running locally on a core of a 6-year old Intel CPU generating subtitles in real-time (github.com/wzhd/vosk-rs)


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