Tempoverstöße: Boris Pistorius will Bußgelder für Raser an Einkommen koppeln


Immerhin mal ein vernünftiger Vorschlag.

Google eröffnet eine »Zukunftswerkstatt« in Berlin - auf 8500 Quadratmetern bekommen interne und externe Mitarbeiter dann eine »Google-Gehirnwäsche«. 🤪

Würde man digitale Bildung wirklich ernst nehmen, dann würden sich immer mehr Menschen von Google abwenden. 🧙‍♂️


I realize that when working as a freelancer in Poland I seriously miss a community to be a part of.

When the local hackerspace I used to be a part of decided to become an exclusive tech club instead of an open society I felt strongly opposed.

Only years after I realize that it's not only because I saw the hackerspace's mission as something else - but because suddenly there is no community for people like me in my area.

@linuzifer Freue mich über jede Band, die einen Newsletter anbietet anstatt alle Infos nur auf Facebook zu schreiben.

Wine 4.0 released!

This release represents a year of development effort and over 6,000 individual changes. It contains a large number of improvements that are listed in the release notes below. The main highlights are:

* Vulkan support.
* Direct3D 12 support.
* Game controllers support.
* High-DPI support on Android.

The source is available now. Binaries are being built, and will appear soon at their download locations.

==> winehq.org/news/2019012201
#Wine #Linux #gaming #Vulkan

"Das Recht hat der Politik zu folgen und nicht die Politik dem Recht", sagt Innenminister Kickl gestern im Report als er Verfassung und #EMRK in Frage stellt. Einmal mehr fragen wir: #istkicklschonweg.at ??? #orfreport

Just come across this genius comic: Jousselin's Imbattable, a comic hero who's power is to break panels!

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God dammit, Google.

“Wow, fancy that. Web ad giant Google to block ad-blockers in Chrome. For safety, apparently” • The Register


The Register erklärt die Aufregung: Es scheint, als hätte Google da einen Deal mit AdBlock Plus laufen, in dem sie alle anderen Blocker aussperren.

I've just released a new version of olm-rs - a safe Rust wrapper around libolm. You can find it here: https://gitlab.gnome.org/jhaye/olm-rs

Libolm is used for end-to-end encrypted communication in the Matrix protocol and is implemented in C/C++.

As of now olm-rs implements all functionality that would be required for proper E2EE support in a Matrix client.
Working with it for the past few months have given me confidence that the implementation is safe and correct. So please if you have a Rust project and want to dive into E2EE, have a look at olm-rs.

Olm-rs is available on crates.io: https://crates.io/crates/olm-rs

@xj9 yes please, can I haz browsers with BitTorrent integrated so that I can use that as my CDN network. Like, nao.

Firefox’ Zukunft ist gesichert: Google entfernt die APIs für Adblocker aus Chromium/Blink. Das ist so evil, das klingt wie FLOSS-Fanfiction. xD #LastBoost

„Do you copy?“
„No, I’m scanning.“
„Are you insane?“
„No, I’m using SANE.“

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ieji is romaji for 家(house)路(street), together it means "the way home / a home / homeland".

So we hope to welcome you to your new home in the mastodon fediverse!

ieji.de supports most recent TLS encryption, IPv6 and Tor with an v2 onion address, called iejidevtqqdlukju.onion.

This instance is internally monitored by the datacenter via nagios to see errors before they get critical.
Check the status out here: status.ieji.de
Also, offsite backups are regularly created.

New to the family: a mastodon/pleroma relay service, feel free to use it at masto.re